I took a bunch of the first heads i posted on this website and remade them. TYSM for 20k, i hope you guys enjoy these “in the past” heads i guess. I was going to do a raffle for 20k but its honestly really tiring to do that, and the heads i was going to be raffling off were probably not gonna be accepted. Maybe ill do a matching set raffle for couples? i dont know ahha but anyways, enjoy the heads and the video.

Process starts at 0:00

Jan. 2015 ->pinkpiggyspinkpiggys-reworked<- July 2017

Process starts at 4:16

July 2015 ->moleblondemoleblonde-reworked <- July 2017

Process starts at 11:12

Jan. 2015 ->headwhiteheadwhite-2-reworked<- July 2017

Process starts at 15:13

March 2015 ->cutest-head-ever-nude-leahhhcutest-head-ever-nude-leahhh-reworked<- July 2017

This head was one of my old personals in the end of 2015. I never posted it so i dont know the date, however i believe its around december 2015- feb. 2016. This remake was made on a seperate date then the others so it was not recorded and is not in the video.

Dec. 2015 ->katyaoooooreworked<- July 2017


Enjoy, Isa.

Boy Head & video tutorial thing(?)


so i got this new editing software, which was originally for my photoshop paintings… definetly not for graal gfx, but since i am supposed to update this website semi often (lol good joke, i never update) i just made sat down and made a video. Uh hit me up with some head ideas, i just kinda do whatever i want when making thems so.. some direction would be nice? lol



Enjoy, Isa xox