It has come to my attention that i dont give credit on every head i post. Most of the heads i edit come from websites like graal depot, so if you know the original owners (NOT EDITS) of those heads, feel free to pm me on graal or comment who it belongs to & ill give credit. As for Requests, They cost 2k gratlets. Go to the ABOUT ME page for ways to contact me about requests!

Also, If you do end up using my heads or editing my heads, please give credit and please pm me on graal! I love seeing my heads ingame 🙂

Anyways, Enjoy the website & Have a nice day.



New Heads :p

Heyo, alot of these heads were made for a friend but she just started giving em away so ima just post it instead so every1 can enjoy. Credit to me per usual.

The red head was a custom of mine that got ifiled so i refunded and decided to post.

Anyways enjoy these cute heads. Ill be posting some halloween heads soon :p



xox, Isa